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CRI's Philosophy

»   We believe every individual can obtain his or her dreams and vision via proper education and guidance.
»  We believe education is more than reading, writing, and math.
»  We believe education is about God and His plan for each individual.
»  We believe education is about our putting God first, others second, and our desire and our will last.
»  We believe education teaches us how to properly, effectively, and effectually serve and help others reach their goals.
»  We believe education is our stronghold breaker and bridge gap closer for those who are struggling with their
personal issues.
»  We believe education is our way of training others how to become what God meant for them to become in such a time
as this.
»  We believe we are an instrument sent by God to help others find their way to their heavenly father because we are a God-centered organization.
»  We believe we can help individuals understand that they can do all things through Christ who gives them the strength they need to overcome all of their weaknesses, fears, and doubts.

CRI’s mission is to educate.

CRI’s focus is students.