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Foundational Topics

English and writing
This session is designed to help the students expand their knowledge in grammar and writing.

Basic Grammar

Parts of Speech (8), phrases, and clauses; subjects and verbs agreements; parallelism, etc.

Sentence Skills

Sentence structure; fragments; run-ons; subject-verb agreement; consistence verb tense and active voice; pronoun case, antecedent agreement, reference and point of view; misplaced or dangling modifiers; parallelism and combining sentences.

Punctuation, Mechanics, and Spelling

Commas; final punctuation; quotation marks; semicolon, colons, dashes, and parentheses; apostrophes; abbreviations and numbers; capitalization, and spelling.

Usage and Style

Standard and non-Standard English; easily confused words, varying sentence structure, using exact language, and vocabulary development.

This session is designed to improved students’ reading comprehension, contextual clues, inferences,
and test-taking skills.


Active reading, vocabulary, stated main ideas, implied main ideas, supporting details, outlining and mapping, summarizing and paraphrasing, ten patterns of organization, purpose and tone, inference, critical thinking, reading textbooks, reading rate, memorization and concentration, note taking and highlighting, test taking, and combined skills.

Basic Math
This session is designed to improve the students’ math knowledge from simple math to beginning algebra.


Basic computations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), Mathematical formulas (average, fractions, proportion, percent, consumer math, and geometry); and Word problems (translate the wording into numeric quotation; solve equations, and math expressions).

Additional Topics
FAFSA, Applications, Cover Letters and Resumes, Self-awareness areas of interest, and Interviews


Teach and train students how to fill out, complete, and submit form to chosen school.


Teach and train individuals how to fill out, complete, and submit application.

Cover letters and resumes

Teach and train individuals how to organize and type professional cover letters and resumes.

Self-awareness areas of interest

Teach and train individuals how to encourage themselves in whatever areas they need encouragement, how to research and gather required information, and how to build oneself us via reading self-help books and materials.


Teach and train individual how to properly and professionally interview with future employers. Teach and train them how to dress for success. Teach and train them how to research employers before going to the interview.