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About the Founder
Professor Everlene Johnson, MSA, EdS: Founder/President

Everlene Johnson is the founder and creator of Camp Refuge, Inc. (CRI). CRI was birthed out of a strong passion and commitment to serve others and to produce winners. Everlene Johnson has 13 siblings. She was born in Fitzgerald, GA. Her parents were poor and not educated; nevertheless, she never allowed her past to dictate her future.

When Everlene was younger, she had to overcome speech issue, self-esteem, peer-rejection, bullying, and the fear of test-taking. Everlene was determined to overcome her issues by improving her self-esteem and areas of weaknesses. She surrounded herself with people who supported her and motivated her to move forward in her life. She turned her life over to God, and she committed herself to spread the Word of God and to help as many people as she could in a positive manner.

Mrs. Johnson has been married over 32 years. She has three children, three grandchildren, and one son-in-law. After traveling around the world with her spouse, they moved to Georgia. After being in Georgia for two years, she decided to home-school her children. Two of her daughters finished high school and started college at the tender age of 16. Her baby girl started college at 14, finished her degree requirements at 17, and received her degree in her hands a week after her 18th birthday. Mrs. Johnson’s genuine love for teaching drove her back to school.

She has a profound love for education and people. She knows that people of all ages can be successful if they have strong support team, coach, leader, mentor, tutor, and shepherd to guide them through their ups and downs. Therefore, with her deep rooted desire to help others, she continued her education. She strongly believes in leading by example. She is a great leader in the educational arena.

At the age of 37 (August 2000) as a freshman, she entered Clayton State University. She was the oldest in most of her classes. She actually attended classes with her oldest daughter at Clayton State University (CSU). Since that time, Mrs. Johnson classifies herself as a “professional student” because she is totally persuaded that education is the driving force behind her success, and her education is guided by God and his principle. She strongly believes in giving back to the community via educating others. Mrs. Johnson received her AS in 2005 and her BS in 2008 from CSU. She completed her MSA degree in 2010 from Central Michigan University (3.81). She completed her EdS degree in 2012 from Liberty University (4.0). Finally, she enrolled in the EdD (Education Doctoral Degree) program in 2013 at Liberty University (4.0).


Company Information

Contact: Professor Everlene Johnson, MSA, EdS: Founder/President 501c3 Non-profit Tax ID: 20-4726557
Address: 289 Jonesboro Rd Ste 278, McDonough, GA 30253 State of GA Control #: 06104817
Phone: 678-615-6325 (text or call) Fax#: 678-759-1288
E-mail: Established: December 11, 2006
P.O. Box: 733 McDonough, GA 30253



Professor Everlene Johnson and her students at Georgia Piedmont Technical College.